quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014

The Wooden Wolf - "Your drinking shoulder"

O francês Alex Keiling (The Wooden Wolf) já anda por cá a dar concertos para quem o queira ouvir. Este tema faz parte do álbum "Nocturnes & other songs Op.2" de 2013.

The Wooden Wolf - "Nocturnes & other songs Op.2" (2013)

Podem conferir as datas e os sítios onde ele actuará.

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    We wallow in our pints of beer
    And why we do it ain't exactly clear

    But we keep doin' it along the years
    I guess it helps you muffling up your fears

    I got a flask that we could share right here
    If you could only stay with me my dear

    It's easier to hold back your tears
    Among the larks, the clinking and the cheers

    I'll be your drinking shoulder
    When you're kneeling sad and bitter
    Oh when you're feeling down

    Just open up another bottle
    You'll be glad and better
    Oh when you're feeling down

    Drinking makes me suffer and reveal
    The pain, yeah but it keeps me real

    Have you ever been broken hard and slow
    Then tell me what about the healin'

    Staring at the ceiling, filling up a glass
    The one that'll make me kneel

    One more last drop of poison trying to move me
    And change the way I feel